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Home Wiring Services

Typical homes have multiple kinds of home wiring. The home wiring for  lighting and electrical power distribution, permanently installed and portable appliances, telephone, home theatre and computer networks requires experienced and licensed electricians who can help you not only with home wiring, but they can alleviate the home owner from the headaches  involved in selecting the right solutions and making the right decisions.  This is where CaGreen Electrical Services, and Plumbing comes in. At Cal Green we want to  help you with your  high voltage and low voltage electrical installations.  Since municipal regulations can vary all around Southern California, CalGreen  licensed electricians can assist homeowners with planning and installation according to California State requirements and ensure your home wiring is done in accordance to legal requirements and industry standard best practices



Cal Green  Offered Home Wiring Services

From new home constructions to  existing building installations, Cal Green can help you with variety of home wiring services. CalGreen can help you with the following home wiring services:


  • Wall outlets or power points

  • Light fixtures and switches

  • Telephone Wiring

  • Home Automation

  • Home Theater


Why choose licensed electrician from Cal Green?


Power points such as receptacles, wall sockets and plugs require compliance with standards by licensed electrician. Reputable licensed electrician can ensure your home wiring services are done correctly the first time and that the installation adheres to all federal, state and local requirements. Cal Green licensed electrician can be that subject matter expert who can help you to comply with mandated standards, municipal and state codes. Furthermore, Calgreen reputable licensed electrician can ensure your home wiring services is done right the very first time.  CalGreen Electrical and Plubming is top rated electric and plumbing company in Los Angeles area.


 We are top rated on Yelp and on Angie's list. Home wiring services  require subject matter expertise and Cal Green's licensed electricians can help you make the right decision every single time. Dont take our word for it, our reviews prove it. Call us at Cal Green Electrical and Plumbing today and ask us on how we can help you withy your next home wiring project. 





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